Wednesday, 28 July: ELevate Others

Develop your professional leadership and advocacy skills.

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*Note: All sessions and presenters are subject to change.

2:00 pm-3:15 pm

Brenda and Judy

Brenda Custodio, Judith O'Loughlin

Supporting New Arrivals with Interrupted Schooling (Workshop)

This session explores the causes of interrupted schooling and the impact this educational gap has on academic achievement. Information will be shared on both refugee and Latino students who have limited educational backgrounds. Suggestions will be offered for how classroom teachers can support the academic and non-academic needs of these students. 

Melanie 2019

Melanie Johnson

From Tragedy to Triumph: Trauma-Informed Principles in Language Learning (Workshop)

This session considers how trauma impacts learning, provides an overview of trauma informed principles, and applies them to English language teaching (ELT). This session argues that knowledge of trauma informed principles is essential for ELT professionals. It also offers simple, practical suggestions on how to incorporate these principles into the classroom. 

Sherrise Roehr_resized

Sherrise Roehr

Exploring the Power of Content with National Geographic Learning (Exhibitor Session)

English lessons are more efficient, motivating, and relevant when they are based on real world content. With our programs, students learn about their world by experiencing it. Learn how we help learners engage with the language and each other by giving them something that they want to communicate about. 

Color Vowel Chart-Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor

Pronunciation: Don't teach it, DO it! (Exhibitor Session)

Because speech is governed by a part of the brain that resists conscious noticing, modifying one's English pronunciation must include activities that engage non-language parts of the brain. Join author Karen Taylor for a deep dive into the Color Vowel Chart and experience the power of brain-based pronunciation instruction. 


3:45 pm-5:00 pm


Babatunji Ifarinu

Taking Nothing for Granted: Considerations for Serving Underrepresented Populations (Workshop)

In this session, participants will discuss issues and ideas that are not usually considered or are distorted when providing a learning environment for underrepresented populations. Educators have an influence on the direction of our society and should be aware of issues and ideas essential to the self-efficacy of students. 

HWM 2021

Helaine Marshall

Serving SLIFE with Equity: The Mutually Adaptive Learning Paradigm® (Workshop)

Participants learn about the contrasting learning paradigms of SLIFE and U.S.-style formal education and how the resulting cultural dissonance causes many such students to struggle, not reach their potential, or even drop out. The presenter introduces the Mutually Adaptive Learning Paradigm®;, MALP®;, a research-based, culturally responsive-sustaining instructional approach for SLIFE. 


Amy and Michelle

Amy Stolpestad, Michelle Benegas


Teacher Leader from the Start (Workshop)

ESL teachers are often required to coach colleagues and facilitate professional development. TESOL Principle 6 addresses this expanded role. During this presentation, participants will learn how Teacher Leadership for School-Wide English Learning (SWEL) can provide a framework for fulfilling these "other duties as assigned" from the beginning. 

Louise 2

Louise El Yaafouri

Power Restoration: Tools for Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Trauma Mitigation (Workshop)

This session equips educators to successfully address student trauma using a culturally responsive approach in ways that are inclusive across the spectrum of English acquisition. Participants will gain critical background knowledge and exit with actionable tools for mitigating student trauma and bolstering mental and emotional well-being in culturally and linguistically diverse settings. 


5:30 pm-6:45 pm


Peace Corps Presenters

Natalie Borrego, Sakeena Ali


Peace Corps: Education Volunteer Assignments for U.S. Citizens (Exhibitor Session)

Join us to learn how you can use your TESOL skills in Volunteer assignments around the world! Peace Corps provides two Volunteer programs for U.S. Citizens to gain experience working abroad! Volunteers frequently design curricula, train teachers, and share modern and innovative teaching techniques at all levels of instruction. 

Language Arts Press-Michael Berman

Michael Berman

New Approaches to ELevate Grammar Instruction for Teachers and Students (Exhibitor Session)

Does grammar have to be boring? No! The editor of two well-known resources, The ELT Grammar Book and The Grammar You Need series of web apps and free workbooks, shows how engaging, accessible content mixed with corpus-based and active-learning approaches transforms grammar instruction from lifeless to lively. 

Collage 1

Arlene Costello, Andrea Lypka, Ryan Pontier, Yuliya Williamson


A Path Forward: Teachers as Leaders and Advocates (Workshop)

The challenge to recruit and retain qualified and quality teachers in our communities is higher than ever before. Join this session as we explore ways to strengthen and improve our standing no matter the setting. Participants will leave with an Advocacy and Leadership Guide: A Path Forward. 

Collage Teaching Abroad

Maggie Steingraeber, Kimberley Gamez, Leticia Medina

Teach Abroad with the English Language Fellow Program (Exhibitor Session)

Learn from alumni how you can enhance English language teaching capacity abroad through in-person projects designed by U.S. Embassies for experienced U.S. TESOL professionals. Fellows live overseas for 10 months providing English language instruction, conducting teacher training, developing resources, and engaging in cultural exchange. 


7:15 pm - 8:30 pm

Microsoft - Rachel Berger

Rachel  Berger

Supporting Dyslexia in Any Learning Environment with Free Microsoft Tools (Exhibitor Session)

Students with dyslexia are at a disadvantage from their peers when it comes to accessing the curriculum and engaging in classroom content. Microsoft's new broad set of assistive technology capabilities levels the playing field by ensuring students of all abilities can engage in and personalize their learning experience. This session will showcase Microsoft's free, accessible tools for reading, writing, math, and our just released Reading Progress! Live demonstration and student examples will be shared. 


Ethan Tinh Trinh

Support Queer SLIFE Youth in TESOL: Initial Queer Considerations (Workshop)

Queerness is always on the move, in the making, in partiality, and in contestation. Therefore, I cannot provide a fixed framework or techniques on what works with queer students with limited or interrupted formal education (SLIFE) because its rigidity will continue to perpetuate normative frames of thinking of/about queer students in the classroom. Rather, I offer a dialogic space for us (i.e., teachers, administrators, and policymakers) to think queer and consider what would/could happen when sexuality and education meet in TESOL. In this presentation, I will start by introducing the queer SLIFE youth population, the challenges this population has faced, and what actions adults might consider taking if we want to co-learn with them. I conclude by offering a few questions to discuss how to co-deconstruct the binary and essentialized thinking in our personal and professional spaces.