Monday, 26 July: ELevate You

Strengthen your foundational knowledge and learn about the most effective strategies and tools from English language experts.

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*Note: All sessions and presenters are subject to change.

5:00 am-6:00 am


China Daily_Collage

Jinguo Bai, Xiang Wu


Using The Monster Book to improve English language abilities (Exhibitor Session)

Games are a great way to get students participating, smiling and enjoying English lessons! In this workshop, the presenters will introduce The Monster Book and corresponding language skills. Teaching in activities is a principal way to develop multi-thinking, cultivate cultural awareness and learning abilities.

6:45 am-8:00 am


Hetal Ascher

Teaching Online: Engaging Your English Learners (Workshop)

This hands-on workshop will focus on ways to engage your students through online learning. Participants will discuss strategies for building a classroom community and tips for organization as well as try some fun online tools for language learning and some simple post and reply games. 

8:30 am-9:45 am

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Chadia Mansour

Open Educational Resources: A Solution for Teaching in Challenging Conditions (Conversation)


The COVID-19 pandemic has widened educational inequity within English language teaching communities (ELT). With emergency remote learning, under-resourced ELT communities are especially in need of free digital resources that are editable and shareable. Open educational resources are a solution to narrow the digital divide, meet local needs, and avoid copyright infringement.


Linda Wesley

Overview: The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners® (Workshop)


This presentation will provide an overview of The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners®.These 6 Principles (6Ps) were developed by TESOL to connect its values, standards, professional learning, and publications. Based on decades of research, the 6Ps help both teachers and students be successful in any program.

ESL Library - Tammy Wik

Tammy Wik

Teaching Online with ESL Library (Exhibitor Session)


ESL Library is an online subscription service for teachers used in 10,000+ schools around the world. Access ready-made lesson plans, flashcards, and resources, as well as interactive digital activities and homework. Learn how to adapt your classes and build a flexible curriculum so you can teach your best class.

BIPOC Collage

Rachel Wang, Peter Edwards, Ramin Yazdanpanah, Anna-Cirani-Dean


The Experiences of BIPOC Educators and Allies While Teaching Abroad (Exhibitor Session)


What is it like to be BIPOC educators representing the United States abroad? What can allyship look like overseas? Our diverse panel of English Language Fellows and Specialists who have taught around the world will share their stories, challenges, and insights on diversity and inclusion in the global TESOL context.

10:00-11:15 am


Caterina Lazor

Culturally Responsive Teaching in Learning English as a Second Language (Workshop)

This presentation explores the effects of students' exposure to culturally responsive teaching and its impact on language learning. Educators who address culture and language cohesively hold greater promise of English language learners (ELLs) becoming successful. In this powerful presentation, you will explore strategies to navigate obstacles and support students to achieve success!

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Evelin Suij-Ojeda

Reflective Teaching: A Journey to Discover My Own Potential (Conversation)


Reflective teaching is a powerful tool that helps teachers examine what they do in their classroom, the effectiveness of such strategies, and the reasons that support such teaching practices. This session will explore how new teachers can use reflective teaching as a source of professional development in TESOL.


Sydney Snyder

Culturally Responsive Teaching for Multilingual Learners (Workshop)


In this hands-on session, you will explore the definition of culture and its role in teaching and learning. You will also learn about five guiding principles for developing a culturally responsive school climate for multilingual learners and discuss strategies framed around these principles. Finally, you'll apply these strategies to your context.

HWM 2021

Helaine Marshall

Online Teaching with the Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach: SOFLA® (Workshop)


The presenter introduces the Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach—SOFLA®, a research-based, distance learning model that closely replicates actual classroom instruction. SOFLA® includes structured, interactive, multimodal activities, both asynchronous and synchronous, in an 8-step learning cycle. Participants learn how to implement each step and receive digital resources for follow-up.

12:00 -1:15 pm

Reading Plus - Rachel Ring

Rachel Ring

Using Personalized Literacy Instruction to Achieve Reading Success (Exhibitor Session)


Reading Plus is an evidence-based online program that improves students' fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and motivation to read. An adaptive assessment determines a data-driven starting point for the practice students need. Reading Plus provides personalized instruction and intervention to support English learners and produces 2.5 years of growth in just 60 hours.

Alastair Grant

Alastair Grant

Heterogeneously Homogeneous: Construct Community through the Diversity in Your Classroom (Workshop)


Every class is a team. As team leaders, it's our job to learn and develop each member's unique strengths. How is this possible with all the pressure of the academic year?  Come and explore strategies to gather together the distinct talents of your students, thus building a close-knit educational community. 

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Heather Reichmuth, Elena Andrei, Laura Kennedy, Megan Lynch

Demystifying the Graduate Student Research Forum Conference Proposal Writing Process (Workshop)


The conference proposal is an important genre to master as an emerging scholar. Members of the TESOL Graduate Student Research Forum Committee will guide you through understanding conference proposal requirements and expectations by analyzing exemplary proposals. Bring your own proposal drafts, previous or current, for workshopping along with any questions.

Bikowski outside

Dawn Bikowski

Motivating Learners in Online and Hybrid Classes (Conversation)


This presentation will explore the concept of motivation from a personal level, strategizing how to build positivity in online and hybrid classes through three key practices. We will look at technologies and strategies to engage students in their own learning, as well as engaging yourself during these challenging times.