Roundtables are small, casual groups of colleagues on video chat to discuss a current topic of interest with a leading TESOL expert.

All listed times are in U.S. Eastern Time. To find the time in your time zone, please click on the time link listed. 

*Note: All sessions and presenters are subject to change.

Monday, 26 July 

5:00 AM

  • RT #1 Teaching Online/Engaging Online Learners (Suzan Stamper)
  • RT#2 Reflecting on My Classroom (Jane Hoelker)
  • RT#3 Managing Large Class Size (Beatriz Erazo)

12:00 PM

  • RT#4 Understanding Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Approaches in Language Education: Perspectives, Research, and Practice (Roxanna M. Senyshyn)

1:15 PM

  • RT#5 Creating a Culturally Responsive Classroom (Mari Rasmussen)
  • RT#6 Teaching English in Limited Resource Conditions (Linda Chu)

2:30 PM

  • RT#7 Large Class Size: Nothing to Fear! (Khanh-Duc Kuttig)
  • RT#8 Making High-Leverage Teaching Practices Work for You (Deborah Kennedy)

3:45 PM

  • RT#9 Digital Tools for Successful Online Instruction (Tomeka Robinson)
  • RT#10 Strengthening Student Engagement and Active Learning (Kirti Kapur)

Tuesday, 27 July

11:30 AM

  • Conversation with TESOL Board member (Mawa Samb)

4:00 PM

  • RT#11 Culturally & Linguistically Inclusive Online Instruction (Faridah Pawan)

Wednesday, 28 July

7:00 AM

  • RT#12 Leadership Styles in ELT (Araceli Salas)
  • RT#13 Underrepresented Students and Changes Needed in Higher Education (Maria Ammar)

9:30 AM

  • RT#14 Conceptualizing Social Justice Leadership for Underrepresented Teacher Populations (Doaa Rashed)

10:45 AM

  • RT#15 Best Practices for Refugee New Arrivals (Brenda Custodio)
  • RT#16 Leadership for Innovative Education (Chadia Mansour)
  • RT# 18 Exploration of Concerns in Refugee Education (Bashar Al Hariri)

12:00 PM

  • RT#19 Teacher Leadership in TESOL (Amy Stolpestad and Michelle Benegas)

3:00 PM

  • Conversation with TESOL Board member (Gabi Kleckova)

Friday, 30 July

7:30 AM

  • RT#20 Social Emotional Learning: Sustainability and Well-being in the Classroom and Beyond (Anastasia Khawaja)

10:30 AM

  • RT#21 Self-Care through Mindfulness Awareness Practice In and Out of the Classroom (Nellie Deutsch)
  • RT#22 Peer Mentoring for Reflective Teaching & Professional Development in TESOL (Polina Vinogradova)

12:00 PM

  • Conversation with TESOL Board member (Tamara Jones)

1:30 PM

  • RT#23 SELf-Care Round Table Discussion for the OverwhELmed: Managing Stress and Avoiding Burnout (Laura Ray)
  • RT#24 Your TESOL Career Starts Right Now! (Lynne Clark and Liz England)

4:30 PM

  • RT#25 Learning about Our Learners and Classrooms through Teacher Research (Kate Reynolds)