Advocating for Attending TESOL 2022

A good way to convince your supervisor to fund or allow your Convention participation is to write them a letter. Below is a suggested letter template that you can use to explain why your attendance at TESOL 2022 would be an important professional development opportunity. Please feel free to edit or adapt this letter to fit your individual needs.

Download the sample letter as a Word document

Sample Letter to Your Supervisor

< Date >

Dear < supervisor’s name >,

During the TESOL 2022 International Convention & English Language Expo, the world’s largest convention for English language teaching professionals, thousands of professionals will gather in-person and virtually to learn about innovative tools, techniques and strategies, public policy issues, new research, and best practices in the field. To reduce expenses and my time out of the office, I would like to attend the Virtual Convention, 22 – 25 March 2022. With four keynotes and more than 200 livestreamed and recorded sessions, as well as opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with fellow English language professionals worldwide, this is an unparalleled professional development event.

To support my professional development goals, I am requesting funding for expenses to attend TESOL 2022 <and any ticketed events if applicable>. I believe this is a sensible investment in my professional development, as it will help me learn more about <list what you plan to learn>.

The full Virtual Convention fee is US$XXX if I register by 1 March, but if I also join TESOL when I register, I can save US$XXX on registration.

After reviewing the Convention website ( I have identified several different strands that apply to my work and would attend the sessions that best fit my learning needs and <place of employment>’s objectives. The presentations are facilitated by top English language educators and researchers in the field who understand the challenges we all face.

If I am able to attend, I will return with resources and information to share with my colleagues and advance our work.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to discussing the TESOL 2022 Convention with you in more detail at your convenience.


< your name here >