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Research Professional Council


The Research Professional Council (RPC) advances English language teaching and learning by supporting research as outlined in TESOL International Association’s Strategic Plan. The RPC actively connects research to classroom practices, supports and operationalizes the TESOL Research Agenda, champions TESOL research at nonassociation events and in its publications, and supports novice researchers in their inquiry.

Terms of Service

Members are appointed by the Executive Committee through an application process. The application should solicit information regarding education and professional training, relevant experience, and potential contributions to the Professional Council with reference to the Professional Council’s goals and objectives. Once appointed, Professional Council members make a one-year commitment to serve, renewable twice annually for up to three years of service.

Each year, a chair-elect shall be nominated by the executive director though an application process, with final approval by the Executive Committee. Only those serving on the Professional Council at the time of the application process are eligible to apply. Once appointed, the designee shall serve for one year as chair-elect followed by one year as chair before rotating off the Professional Council.

The RPC shall consist of 8 to 12 members, plus a staff partner and board liaison. The RPC shall ensure adequate membership, including experienced researchers and novice researchers, to carry out its duties and responsibilities as specified below.

Membership Criteria

Interested applicants shall be asked to list their level of education, English language research experience, understanding of the current TESOL Research Agenda, and how they are qualified to contribute to the RPC in meeting its goals and objectives. RPC members should have varying areas of investigation that include but are not limited to English language instruction and theory, teacher education, professional identity, applied linguistics, second language acquisition, and multilingualism.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Research Professional Council shall
  • identify ways to make TESOL research readily accessible to all ELT practitioners and administrators
    • increase the awareness and reach of TESOL research by making connections with other ELT organizations to share and partner in joint research endeavors, including face-to-face events and session exchanges for each organizations’ annual meeting
    • provide mentoring opportunities for novice researchers, including mentor workshops
    • communicate TESOL research projects and findings to TESOL membership by publishing quarterly research updates for the membership (January, April, July, and October)
  • Support and operationalize TESOL’s Research Agenda.
    • Monitor, catalog, and apprise the association of current ELT research trends and findings
    • Offer at least three research mini-grants each year to support the agenda’s ideals
    • Update the membership on the TESOL Research Agenda at the annual convention
    • Oversee the revision of the TESOL Research Agenda every 5 years.
  • Seek and make recommendations based on input from other TESOL Professional Councils and relevant professional knowledge to show where additional ELT research should be conducted in order to support the association’s strategic plan.
For more information, please visit TESOL Research or email TESOL Professional Learning. ​

Members, 2017–2018

Chair: Judy Sharkey
​Chair-Elect: Lucilla Lopriore
Board Liaison: Misty Adoniou
Staff ​Partner: Sarah Sahr

Nafisah Ayobola Raji
Lottie Baker
Patrick Chin Ng
Peter I. De Costa
Xuesong Gao
Rachel A. Grant
Fares J. Karam
Amanda Kibler
John Rogers
Fauzia Shamim