Beginning Your Career

If you are considering a career in TESOL, you will find that the field is as rewarding as it is demanding. Teaching English as a second or foreign language requires skills beyond just knowing the language.

Properly trained teachers
  • know the latest research-based methodologies for language teaching
  • know how learners acquire a new language
  • have the patience and empathy to support students as they struggle with the language
  • develop specialized skills through years of dedicated practice in the classroom
Clearly, you must be more than a native speaker.

English language teaching opportunities exist throughout the world. Opportunities vary depending on the following factors:
  • Where you want to teach (public or private, geographical location) 
  • What level you want to teach (pre-K–12, adult, or postsecondary) 
  • Your background and qualifications
If you are interested in beginning a career in English language teaching, the information presented here will help you get started.

Getting Started

Doing the Research

Finding a Job