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Pronunciation in the Classroom: The Overlooked Essential
Tamara Jones, Editor

This indispensable handbook shows you how to incorporate pronunciation seemlessly into your lesson plans and explains the essential elements you need to know to help your students better communicate in all subjects.

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Teaching English at Colleges and Universities in China
Joel Heng Hartse and Jiang Dong

This new book in the ELT in Context series is co-authored by Joel Heng Hartse, who describes working as a foreign teacher of English at Zhejiang University, and Jiang Dong, who describes his work as a local teacher of English at Yuanpei College. This is a powerful example of international collaboration and highlights one of the distinctive features of the books in this series.

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Wordless Books: So Much to Say!
Gilda Martinez-Alba and Judith Cruzado-Guerrero, Editors

Enable your students to be successful, regardless of their literacy levels. Wordless books help to develop oral language, listening, vocabulary, and so much more!

Lesson ideas in this ground breaking book are aligned with the CCSS for English Language Arts and with the TESOL Pre-K-12 English Language Proficiency Standards. Sample rubrics are included in the book and online as editable documents.

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Preparing School Counselors for English Language Learners
Luciana C. deOliveira and Carrie A. Wachter Morris

This last volume in the ESOL for Different Professions series focuses on the specific knowledge and skills that school counsleors need to develop in order to best serve the English learner population in their schools including such issues as second language development and multicultural counseling practices.

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Teacher Development PDF Bundle
Various Authors

What's the latest research, and how do I use it in my classroom? Keeping updated is an ongoing task for a profession that continuously reinvents itself. These short, accessible reference tools are of immediate relevance to practicing teachers in the ESL, EFL, EIL, and ESOL classrooms. Ideal for ESOL master's programs and skills courses. For the first time ever all 23 ELTD PDF Books are available in this zipped file bundle.

Note: These are a PDFs. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or another PDF reader) to view this book.

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Best Sellers

The CCSS in Mathematics for Grades K-8
Marta Civil and Erin Turner

This is a printed book. It is also available in an eBook format for Kindle and Apple and Android.

The CCSS have been adopted by most states in the country and we as mathematics educators must attend to this widespread adoption and implementation.

More Than a Native Speaker, Revised Edition
Don Snow

This is a printed book. It is also available in an eBook format for Kindle and Apple and Android.

This book accelerates the process of learning English language teaching by offering a nontechnical introduction to ELT geared toward native-English-speaking teachers working outside their home countries.

Fostering International Student Success in Higher Education
S. Shapiro, R. Farrelly, and Z. Tomas

College faculty and TAs are often unfamiliar with the experiences of international students coming from non-English-speaking countries who are relatively new to the U.S context.

Assessing English Learners in U.S. Schools
Timothy L Farnsworth and Margaret E Malone

Why assess? And what will I do with the results? This book examines classroom assessment (not standardized assessment) through the lenses of three ESL teachers.

Paper to Practice: Using the TESOL ELP Standards in PreK-12
Margo Gottlieb, Anne Katz, and Gisela Ernst-Slavit

This is a printed book. It is also available in an eBook format for Kindle and Apple and Android.

Paper to Practice offers a wealth of information and ideas for educators seeking to infuse the TESOL English language proficiency standards into curriculum, instruction, and assessment.