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Materials Development
Steve Mann and Fiona Copland

Materials play a significant part in lessons, so it is important that these materials fit for purpose. Mann and Copland have elicited and included comments and suggestions from several teachers, teacher educators, and coursebook experts to illustrate their discussions and to bring the practitioner voice into play.

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Common Core State Standards in Math, High School
Anita Bright, Holly Hansen-Thomas, Luciana de Oliveira

Copublished with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

This new volume explores some of the ways high school mathematics content can be made accessible to ELLs by building from their strengths and scaffolding their opportunities to learn more.

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New Ways in Teaching Adults, Revised
Marilyn Lewis and Hayo Reinders, Editors

This revised edition brings together the best of the past with suggestions for the futre. Included for classroom teachers is a range of activities for all stages of the adult learning process.

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Helping English Learners to Write, Meeting CCSS Grades 6-12
C. Olson, R. Scarcella, and T. Matuchniak

Using a rich array of research-based practices, this book will help secondary teachers improve the academic writing of English learners. It provides specific teaching strategies, activities, and extended lessons to develop EL students' narrative, informational, and argumentative writing, emphasized in the Common Core State Standards. Co-published with Teachers College Press

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Preparing Teachers to Work w/ ELLs in Mainstream Classrooms
Luciana C. de Oliveira and Mike Yough

This book presents a combination of teacher preparation and ELL issues and is unique in tackling the challenges that pre-service and inservice teachers may experience. It aims to go beyond merely equipping teachers to meet the needs of ELLs by helping them reach a level of effectiveness with the outcome of equity. Co-published with Information Age Publishing

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Best Sellers

Fostering International Student Success in Higher Education
S. Shapiro, R. Farrelly, and Z. Tomas

College faculty and TAs are often unfamiliar with the experiences of international students coming from non-English-speaking countries who are relatively new to the U.S context.

Cat Got Your Tongue? Teaching Idioms to English Learners
Paul Mcpherron and Patrick T. Randolph

This is a printed book. It is also available in an eBook format for Kindle and Apple and Android.

Why do questions about idioms often leave us "tongue-tied" in our classrooms? This book takes a look at learning and teaching idioms from two perspectives.

More Than a Native Speaker, Revised Edition
Don Snow

This is a printed book. It is also available in an eBook format for Kindle and Apple and Android.

This book accelerates the process of learning English language teaching by offering a nontechnical introduction to ELT geared toward native-English-speaking teachers working outside their home countries.

The CCSS in English Language Arts for Grades K•5
Pam Spycher

This is a printed book. It is also available in an eBook format for Kindle and Apple and Android.

This is an exciting time to be a teacher. The Common Core State Standards have invigorated the teaching profession.

New Ways in Teaching Vocabulary, Revised
Averil Coxhead, Editor

This revised edition is designed to make vocabulary teaching almost effortless. Classroom teachers contributed more than 100 step-by-step activities that fit any context, learner, or technology.