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Teaching Grammar

Part I. Noun Phrases
Articles, Nouns, and Quantifiers
 Grocery Store Ad Scavenger Hunt 
Authentic Activities for Article Usage
Expressions of Quantity and Agreement 
The 4-Step Article Editing Process
Part II. Comparatives and Superlatives
Gummy Grammar
Comparatives & Superlatives Survey
Part III. Relative and Adverb Clauses
Relative Clauses
Famous People, Places, and Things: Using Relative Clauses
in an Engaging Context
Adverb Clauses
Time to Come Clean
Part IV. Verb Tenses
Past Tense
Been There, Done That
Who Did It?

Past Tense
Present Perfect Mingle
Traveling Around the World with Present Perfect

Past Perfect Tense
Past Perfect Life Stories
Past Perfect Action Sequences

Mixed Tenses
Verb-ography: Verb Production with Bios
Verb Fun with Mr. Bean
Verb Tenses for English for Academic 
Part VI. Conditionals
Mysterious Telephone Calls
Impossible and Unlikely Situations
Past Regrets
Win As Much As Possible!
Guess the Result!
Part VII. Modal Verbs
Could You Do Me a Favor? Using Modals to Make Polite Requests
Part VIII. Verb Complementation
Causatives: One Word Makes a Difference
Part IX. Active and Passive Voice/Ergative Verbs
Describing Food Chains
Emma Has an Enemy
Part X. Using Corpora and Dictionaries
Incorporating COCA in Teaching Phrasal Verbs
Using Corpora to Teach Spoken Grammar
Incorporating COCA in Teaching Reported Speech
Learning Grammar from Learner Dictionaries
Part XI. Grammar for Writing
Composing and Style
Model Sentences for Narrative Writing
Grammar, Style, and the Choices We Make as Writers
News Headlines
Problems and Pain and Parallel Structure

Editing and Revision Activities
Small Group Grammar Workshop
Sentence Auction
Noticing How Words Work
Making Editing Fun Through Collaborative Competition
Part XII. More Grammar Fun
Mastering Parts of Speech
Process Speaking for Grammatical Accuracy
Grammar Treasure Hunt
Grammar Targets