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Submission Guidelines for Authors of Book Proposals

Types of Manuscripts

The TESOL Book Publications Committee invites submissions of previously unpublished, state-of-the art, book-length manuscripts for publication. TESOL does not produce classroom or other texts for direct use by ESOL students but rather publishes on a wide range of theoretical and practical topics relevant to TESOL members and the association's publishing plan.

TESOL is currently interested in

  • texts for use in professional development and teacher education courses, including such topics as curriculum development, approaches to teaching, contexts of language teaching, and testing and assessment, and technology in the classroom
  • anthologies of articles on applied research, with an emphasis on classroom applications and reflective practice

Content should address topics that have not yet been widely addressed in other book-length publications or that have not been focused on the needs and experiences of TESOL professionals and volunteers.


TESOL Press has recently authorized a new royalty policy. Authors and Editors will receive royalties based on the net sales of their books. Up to four (4) authors or editors per book will receive remuneration. Specific details of each contract will be discussed between the Publications Manager and author/editor.

Preparation of Proposals

Please complete the TESOL book proposal form. Fill out all parts of the form that are relevant to your project.

Please submit one or two draft chapters. Although the chapters do not have to be in final form, they are extremely helpful in enabling our reviewers to clearly see the focus of the content and the quality of the writing. TESOL uses the style guidelines from the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition.

Review and Evaluation of Proposals

Proposals that meet initial screening criteria will be reviewed and evaluated by the chair of the Book Publications Committee and two committee members, or by external evaluators knowledgeable on the topics addressed in the proposal. The chair will send a decision on the proposal itself (yes, no, needs revision) and feedback to the person who submitted the proposal.

Completed manuscripts are evaluated by two external reviewers and the chair of the Book Publications Committee. The chair will send a decision on the completed manuscript (yes, no, needs revision) and feedback to the person who submitted the completed manuscript.

Submission of Proposals

E-mail one copy of the informative proposal and a cover letter that includes a full mailing address, a daytime and evening telephone number, fax, and e-mail address of one author or editor to TESOL's publishing manager.


TESOL asks all contributors to assign their copyright to the association. You will be asked to sign a royalty contract during the production cycle for this volume. Please do not submit work that has been previously published, that is currently under consideration elsewhere, or that is already under contract, and please do not submit work for which you wish to retain copyright. TESOL will ask all contributors, not receiving royalties to sign an informed consent release.


Inquiries and submissions should be sent to

Publishing Manager
TESOL Publications
1925 Ballenger Avenue, Suite 550
Alexandria, Virginia 22314 USA

Tel. 703-836-0774
Fax 703-836-7864