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Top TESOL Content: 2023

by TESOL International Association |

It’s never a bad idea to check out what your colleagues are reading. Whether it’s from 10 years ago or from 10 days ago, here are the top articles, blog posts, books, and journal articles your fellow TESOLers read in 2023.

TESOL Connections

TESOL Connections (TC) is a monthly e-newsletter designed exclusively for TESOL members. It features practical articles, timely resources for English language teachers, and TESOL International Association news. TC articles reflect TESOL’s support for the profession and linguistic and cultural diversity. 

    1. 6 Steps to Submitting a Successful TESOL Convention Proposal, by by Hilal Peker

    2. Formative vs. Summative Assessment: Does It Matter?, by Deena Boraie

    3. 9 Listening Strategies That Develop Active Listeners, by Rebecca Palmer

    4. ChatGPT in ELT: Writing Affordances and Activities, by Allessandra Elisabeth dos Santos, Larisa Olesova, Cristiane Vicentini, and Luciana C. de Oliveira

    5. Understanding Marginalization: The Privilege Walk Activity, by Rachel Adams Goertel

    6. Teaching Listening: Practical Strategies That Work, by Jon Phillips and Federico Pomarici

    7. 3 Activities Using Authentic Media to Build Student Fluency, by Jaime-Erin Parry and Elka KristóNagy

    8. Reducing Learner Anxiety With 5 Mindfulness Techniques, by Saghar Leslie Naghib

    9. Teaching Grammar Communicatively: The Situational Approach, by Chi Anestin Lum

    10. Quick Tip: Guiding Student Writing Through “Extended Definition,” by Teresa Dalle and Emily Thrush

The TESOL Blog

The TESOL Blog provides readers with news, information, and peer-to-peer guidance related to effective classroom practices.

    1. 4 AI Chrome plugins to boost English Language Learning, by Brent Warner

    2. 3 Tech Tools for Teaching Vocabulary, by Hetal Ascher

    3. Project-Based Language Learning for Writing, by Betsy Gilliland

    4. Terminology Matters: What Do You Call Your English Learners, by Naashia Mohamed

    5. Building Prompts and Building Language: 3 Activities to Practice English While Building Prompts for ChatGPT, by Brent Warner

    6. When Multilingual Learners Refuse to Speak Their Home Language, by Judie Haynes

    7. 20 Quick Chatbot Prompts for Multilingual Learners of English to Use Today, by Brent Warner

    8. Machine Translation and Teaching Writing, by Betsy Gilliland

    9. 12 Tips for Classroom Observations in the Digital Age, by Sarah Hodge

    10. 5 Short Animated Films to Build Speaking Practice, by Brent Warner

TESOL Press Books

    1. The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners®: K–12, by TESOL International Association

    2. Teacher Leadership for School-Wide English Learning, by Michelle Benegas and Amy Stolpestad

    3. ELT Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to English Language Teaching, by Jan E. Dormer

    4. What School Leaders Need to Know About English Learners, by Jan E. Dormer

    5. Fostering International Student Success in Higher Education, Second Edition, by Shawna Shapiro, Raichle Farrelly, and Zuzana Tomaš

TESOL Journal: Most Read Articles Published in 2023

TESOL Journal (TJ) is a refereed, pedagogy-oriented research journal with a variety of articles based on and contributing to current theory and research in the field of English language teaching. TJ is a TESOL members–only publication.

= Open Access

1. Developing secondary school English language learners’ productive and critical use of ChatGPT, by Darren Rey C. Javier, Benjamin Luke Moorhouse 


2. Academic integrity in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) authoring apps, by Marie Alina Yeo

3. Wordless but not silent: Unlocking the power of wordless picture books, by Jennifer D. Honaker, Ryan T. Miller 

4. Beyond sentence frames: Scaffolding emergent multilingual students' participation in science discourse, by Laura Alvarez, Sarah Capitelli, Guadalupe Valdés 

5. When literacy ate language: An analysis of a research-based literacy intervention for designated English Learners, by Trish Morita-Mullaney, Fang Gao, Rong Zhang 

TESOL Quarterly: Most Read Articles Published in 2023

TESOL Quarterly (TQ) is a professional, refereed journal that publishes articles on topics of significance to individuals concerned with English language teaching, learning, and policy. TQ represents a variety of cross-disciplinary interests, both theoretical and practical. TESOL members only may subscribe to TQ

= Open Access

1. Decolonizing Academic Writing Pedagogies for Multilingual Students, by Suresh Canagarajah

2. Sustaining Critical Approaches to Translanguaging in Education: A Contextual Framework, by Anna Mendoza, Laura Hamman-Ortiz, Zhongfeng Tian, Shakina Rajendram, Kevin W. H. Tai, Wing Yee Jenifer Ho, Pramod K. Sah

3. An Ecological Perspective on Classroom-Based Assessment, by Sin Wang Chong, Talia Isaacs

4. They Are Talking, But Is It Productive? Exploring EFL Students' Small Group Talk, by Anthony Wotring, Honglin Chen, Mark Fraser


5. Using Generative Artificial Intelligence for Language Education Research: Insights from Using OpenAI's ChatGPT, by Austin Pack, Jeffrey Maloney


Happy reading from TESOL International Association! 

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