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TESOL Journal (TJ) is a refereed, pedagogy-oriented research journal with a variety of articles based on and contributing to current theory and research in the field of English language teaching. TJ is a forum for language educators at all levels to engage in the ways that research and theorizing can inform, shape, and ground multilingual teaching practices and perspectives. Articles are invited from socioeducational contexts worldwide and seek to enable an active and vibrant professional dialogue about research- and theory-based practices as well as practice-oriented theorizing and research. 

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Best of Affiliates’ Journal Article Nominations to TESOL Journal

In order to promote a conversation between TESOL Journal and TESOL affiliates’ journals, the editors of TESOL affiliates’ journals are invited to nominate an article they published in 2023 or 2024 to be showcased in TESOL Journal.

Please email TESOL Journal editors (Kristen Lindahl and Bedrettin Yazan) the PDF of the nominated article along with the email address of the authors. The selected articles will be published in TESOL Journal’s upcoming issues. Nominations from TESOL affiliate journals that never nominated any articles before will be prioritized.

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