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Sustain and Support TESOL’s Future

Donate to the Association

Contribute to the success of TESOL’s mission to advance the expertise of professionals who teach English to speakers of other languages worldwide. Through your donations, TESOL can strengthen the profession and provide needed support to English language educators. 

TESOL Annual Fund

Help TESOL upgrade our technology and develop innovative professional learning opportunities to meet the rapidly changing needs of English language professionals worldwide.

Donate to the Annual Fund

TESOL Grants & Scholarships

Help TESOL continue to provide opportunities for learning and pave the way to excellence with your donation.

Donate to the Grants and Scholarships Fund

The Global Membership Fund

Support English language professionals who face personal and/or institutional financial constraints limiting their access to membership.

Donate to Global Membership Fund

Consider Planned Giving

Planned gifts are a unique way to support TESOL programs and initiatives. A planned gift is a charitable donation made in conjunction with the donor's financial, tax, and estate planning. The gift may be immediate or deferred and are often made via a legacy in a will, donation from life insurance, or a contribution from the donor's estate.

Because the donation may be deferred (e.g., coming from your estate), planned giving often allows donors to make a larger contribution than would otherwise be possible. Planned gifts also provide U.S. tax benefits, such as income tax deductions and reductions in capital gains taxes.

You can designate that your gift be used to sustain a specific program area or that it be used wherever TESOL's needs are greatest.

These gifts are provided without any specifications as to how the funds are to be used. The funds will be used for programs and initiatives that support TESOL's mission.

These gifts are provided for a specific program or initiative, such as research, educational or professional development programs, international projects, etc.

Express your commitment to the future of English language teaching by making TESOL part of your legacy. Consult with an attorney or an estate financial advisor before deciding an appropriate approach for you. TESOL reserves the right to accept or reject a gift. To ensure acceptance, TESOL is available to work with you and your attorney or advisor when you are contemplating creating a gift. 



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