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Awards ​Professional Council


The Awards Professional Council (APC) supports TESOL International Association by recognizing outstanding accomplishments of individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the TESOL field and offering opportunities for educators to participate in the association’s programs. The APC coordinates the review and selection of applications for specific TESOL awards and grants as determined by the Board of Directors.

Terms of Service

Members are appointed by the Executive Committee through an application process. Once appointed, Professional Council members make a one-year commitment to serve, renewable twice annually for up to three years of service. Service on the APC shall begin and end at the annual TESOL International Convention.

Each year, a chair-elect shall be nominated by the Executive Director though an application process, with final approval by the Executive Committee. Only those serving on the Professional Council at the time of the application process are eligible to apply. Once appointed, the designee shall serve for one year as chair-elect followed by one year as chair and then one year as past chair before rotating off the council. 

The APC shall consist of 10 to 20 members, plus a staff partner and board liaison. The APC shall ensure adequate membership to carry out its duties and responsibilities as specified below.

APC members are not allowed to apply or receive any TESOL Awards while serving in the council and for a period of 1-year after rotating off from the council. 

Membership Criteria

Interested applicants shall be asked to list their level of education and experience and explain how they are qualified to contribute to the APC's goals and objectives. APC members should have experience as an awards reviewer prior to serving. APC membership should reflect the widest possible range of professional expertise and experience, with special attention paid to diverse geographical, cultural, and generational representation.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Awards Professional Council shall
  • coordinate activities related to the adjudication of applications for TESOL awards and grants.
    • recruit volunteers to review applications
    • serve as an award reviewer (and in some cases as a tiebreaker)
    • assess and administer the award review process
  • provide guidance on the criteria and adjudication for TESOL awards and grants
  • develop and implement a process for the periodic review and revision of TESOL awards and grants
  • assist in the recognition of award winners at the annual TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo

Members, 2022-2023

Chair: Fares Karam
Chair-Elect: Luan Thanh Nguyen
Past Chair:
 Ahu Moser
Board Liaison: Elisabeth Chan
Staff Partner: Nancy Flores

Moises Alcantara Ayre
Mansi Arora
Piero Carlini
Qian Du
Tacla Feghali
Rosario Giraldez
Jennifer Kirn
Svetlana Koltovskaia
Watsachol Narongsaksakul
Hana Prashker
Maria Luisa Sadorra
Phyo Wai Tun