Convention Program Strand Coordinators

Strand Coordinators (SCs) and Assistant Strand Coordinators (ASCs) work closely with TESOL Conference Services staff, the Conferences Professional Council, and TESOL Interest Section Chairs to develop a vibrant convention program.

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General Responsibilities

SC and ASCs
  • Assist with recruiting and vetting qualified reviewers for their strands
  • Provide basic strand-specific input to reviewers
  • Ensure the quality of comments that reviewers provide to proposal submitters
  • Assist TESOL Conference Services staff and the the Conferences Professional Council in finalizing the convention program
  • Attend leadership meetings at the annual convention as appropriate

Resources and Support

  • Board of Directors liaison
  • Director of Conference Services
  • Conferences Professional Council

Term of Service

Both Strand Coordinators and Assistant Strand Coordinators shall be determined through an application process managed by the Conferences Professional Council. Strand Coordinators shall serve for one to two years as an assistant strand coordinator (ASC), and one to two years as SC, and can re-apply, if desired. It is hoped that this will give continuity to and sustainability in the strand leadership and administration. For both of these positions, the application will solicit information regarding the applicant’s professional experience and expertise in the respective strand, leadership experience and involvement in relevant tasks and projects, ability to work cooperatively with various teams, and availability throughout the entire process.