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Professional Development ​Professional Council


The Professional Development Professional Council (PDPC) assists TESOL International Association in identifying professional development needs based on issues and developments in English language teaching, as well as through membership feedback and surveys. The PDPC works in conjunction with the staff partner and board liaison to advance the professional learning and engagement goal of the association’s strategic plan.

Terms of Service

Members are appointed by the Executive Committee through an application process. Once appointed, council members make a one-year commitment to serve, renewable for up to three years.

Each year, a chair-elect shall be nominated by the Executive Director through an application process conducted by the members of the council, with final approval by the Executive Committee. Once appointed, the designee shall serve for one year as chair-elect followed by one year as chair before rotating off the council. 

The PDPC shall consist of 12–16 members, plus a staff partner and board liaison. The PDPC shall ensure adequate membership to carry out its duties and responsibilities as specified below.

Membership Criteria

Interested applicants shall be asked to list their level of education, experience, understanding of professional development trends, and explain how they are qualified to contribute to the PDPC in meeting its goals and objectives. PDPC members should have knowledge about a particular English language instruction program level and its associated issues, trends, workplace requirements, and demographics. Members should also have background and experience in providing in-service training programs, other kinds of professional development programs, or both.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Professional Development Professional Council shall

  • expand the variety and reach of professional learning opportunities 
  • incorporate relevant research and development into TESOL professional learning
  • promote a positive member experience at all TESOL professional learning offerings, including the annual convention, symposia, academies, and online events
  • expand TESOL’s capacity for members to participate in professional learning opportunities
  • recommend specific programs, oversee their implementation, evaluate the effectiveness of each program, and provide general oversight of TESOL's professional development programs for the association

Members, 2017–2018

Chair: Doreen Ewert
Chair-Elect: Jana Moore
Board Liaison: Deborah Healey
Staff ​Partner: Srisucha McCabe

Christina Quartararo
Stacy Brown
Miralynn Malupa-Kim
Jessica Burchett
Elise Geither       
Elizabeth LeBoo          
Christina Cavage           
Karen Woodman
Quanisha Charles  
Rachel Kraut           
Gladys Focho   
Heidi Faust                 
Bryan Woerner     
Lori Kelley        
Lucie Moussu