Disclaimer for TESOL Certificate Programs

The field of TESOL is a complex, multifaceted, profession practiced in a wide variety of teaching and learning environments worldwide, ranging from positions that require a master’s degree or doctorate in TESOL and many years of experience, to those available to prospective teachers with shorter-term training in the field.

The TESOL Core Certificate Program is an online certificate program offered by TESOL International Association, organized on a pass (satisfactory—completion of all requirements) / no pass (unsatisfactory) basis, providing short-term training on the fundamentals of ELT for a diverse group of current or prospective teachers or administrators with limited formal training in the ELT field. It is not a certification program. In addition, classroom observation and practice teaching components are required to earn the TESOL Core Certificate.

All TESOL professionals should engage in ongoing professional development throughout their careers, as appropriate for the specific settings in which they teach or administer programs involving ELLs.