Finding Teacher Education Programs in TESOL

The TESOL Directory of Degree & Certificate Programs

The Directory of Degree and Certificate Programs is an online resource featuring approximately 450 university-level academic and training programs in English as a second language (ESL) and related fields in the United States and Canada. However, there are so many teacher education programs around the world, TESOL is unable ​to maintain a complete list. If you do not see a program listed in your area, you might consider contacting local universities to inquire whether they offer one. You might also search online or contact the Department or Ministry of Education in the country where you hope to find a program for more information.

TESOL offers information about teacher training programs as a service for TESOL members and others interested in the profession, but TESOL does not warrant that this resource is comprehensive, complete, or otherwise reliable. TESOL is not affiliated with the programs listed here. TESOL does not endorse or evaluate the quality of any programs or courses and cannot recommend a program or type of program.

You can read tips for evaluating teacher education programs here: To inquire about having your teacher education program listed in the Directory of Degree and Certificate Programs in TESOL, send an e-mail message to