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Naturalization Trial Test Redesign Technical Assistance Group Experts

by Juliet Mason, Head of Operations |

Following the award of a federal contract in April to facilitate a review of the United States Naturalization Trial Test, TESOL International Association completed an extensive national search for subject matter experts to comprise Naturalization Trial Test Redesign Technical Assistance Groups (TAG) in Adult English as a Second Language (ESL) and Civics.

The assembled TAG collectively represents expertise in the areas of Civics, American history, adult English as a second language, linguistics, African American immigration and diaspora and African American history, Latin American history and immigration, women’s history, indigenous history, psychometrics, public-facing Civics and democracy curriculum development, education, and engagement, and test design. The TAG also represents regional diversity (north, south, east, west and central United States); ethnic and linguistic diversity, including naturalized citizens and speakers of English as an additional language; and a wide representation of institutions and roles, including professors of institutions of higher education, citizenship test preparation teachers in community-based organizations (CBOs), test developers, museum educators, and experts from leading non-profit organizations in the field.

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