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TESOL Engages Rosa Aronson as Interim Executive Director

by Juliet Mason, Head of Operations |

The TESOL International Association board of directors engaged Rosa Aronson as part-time interim executive director following the November 2023 announcement that executive director Amber Crowell Kelleher will resign in February 2024.

Aronson served as TESOL’s executive director from 2011-2018, and as interim executive director from 2020-2021. She will serve as TESOL’s staff leader, effective 8 February 2024, until a permanent executive director is hired later this year.

“We are extremely grateful to Rosa Aronson for returning to TESOL. She and Amber have worked closely these past weeks to ensure a seamless hand-off for staff and members,” stated Shelley Taylor, TESOL president (2023-2024). Shelley continued, “This is bittersweet for me, as I will greatly miss working with Amber. Her leadership helped us rebound from the pandemic; diversify our revenue; advance our diversity, equity, inclusion, and access initiatives; and establish a culture of innovation in the central office. We wish Amber much success in her next chapter.”

Aronson expressed, "It is my pleasure to assist TESOL during this leadership transition. TESOL will continue to lead the field with the support of its incredible staff and generous volunteer leaders.” Aronson continued, “I also wish to thank Amber for her generosity and openness as we have worked together this month to facilitate a smooth transition.”

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