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Digital Credentials

TESOL provides open digital badges to all online course participants. When you complete any of our facilitated or self-study courses online, you will receive the link to your permanent digital credential upon completing the course feedback survey.


Digital credentials are a new and innovative way for you to keep and share evidence of your professional development. A digital badge is a special electronic image that contains very important metadata about you and your accomplishment. Not only does it contain information about you, it also has detailed information about the work you did to earn the badge. This makes it easier to share your success with colleagues, supervisors, or potential employers.

TESOL also gives you a permanent place to keep your digital credentials online at Here, you can view, download or share your credentials with others. You can even post them to social media. If you already have a separate location where you keep other badges you have earned, it is very easy to move your TESOL badges so that they can be viewed and shared from anywhere. This is because we use the open source Mozilla Open Badges standard for our badge design.

TESOL is committed to advancing the field of English Language Education. Part of this strategy is to provide our members and course participants with the most up-to-date and flexible resources for maintaining and sharing evidence of their professional development.

Digital badging:

  • Includes much more information about your new skills
  • Cannot be lost or stolen
  • Is easily shared with others either via email, social media or a weblink
  • Allows the option to print a paper certificate
  • Is easily verifiable as authentic

If you have questions, please contact us.

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