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Social-Emotional Learning Workshop

Developing social-emotional learning (SEL) knowledge and skills is especially critical for multilingual learners of English to help them adjust to a new culture and learn a new language. At the same time, many English language educators do not receive training on how to incorporate SEL into their classrooms.

To meet this need, TESOL has developed an interactive and participant-centered Social-Emotional Learning Workshop led by an expert in the field. In this 7.5-hour live workshop, you’ll be equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to practice self-care and be confident in implementing SEL in your learning spaces to support and benefit your learners. This online workshop takes place 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. ET the week of 3 June 2024.

All sessions will be recorded and available on the TESOL Canvas platform for participants for a month following the workshop.

Once you complete the workshop, you'll receive a digital badge you can share online! An electronic certificate of completion can be provided upon request. 

To use as a quick reference, you'll receive an e-copy of the TESOL Zip Guide: Social-Emotional Learning for English Learners!


Type Rate
TESOL Member US$120
Global Member US$60
Nonmember US$150

This five-day workshop will:

  • Introduce social-emotional learning (SEL) and present six fundamentals for including it in your work with English language learners.
  • Introduce and define social-emotional needs, including the eight basic social-emotional needs that all people possess.
  • Outline the physical, interpersonal, and organizational characteristics of inclusive classrooms and schools.
  • Introduce teacher wellness, explain its pivotal role in teaching practice, and outline specific wellness activities that you can use to promote your own social-emotional resilience and that of your students.
  • Introduce how to integrate social-emotional learning into your lesson plans.
  • Present guidelines and considerations for monitoring and assessing the social-emotional learning of your students and the implementation of social-emotional learning practices in your teaching context.

This workshop is for English language teachers in K-12 and adult education and English language teacher educators.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify the six fundamentals of SEL and explain the basic SEL needs of all people.
  • Use SEL activities to improve your well-being and that of your learners.
  • Create a plan for monitoring and assessing SEL practices in your classroom.

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About the Instructor

Dr. Luis Javier Pentón Herrera has taught Spanish and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) at the K-12 and university levels. He currently serves as Full Professor at Akademia Ekonomiczno-Humanistyczna w Warszawie in Poland, and as the Coordinator of the Graduate TESOL Certificate at The George Washington University, in the United States.

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