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Leadership Development Certificate Program

Are you interested in taking up a leadership role in TESOL International Association? Or maybe you've just volunteered and are wondering what to do next? This program will help you develop the knowledge and skills you need. It is open to TESOL members only.

The Leadership Development Certificate Program (LDCP) provides quality professional development and leadership training for current or future leaders within TESOL International Association. The 40-hour self-paced online program is open to TESOL members only.

The LDCP also benefits current or future leaders of other English language teacher associations.

To make the LDCP accessible to TESOL members worldwide, it is offered online only. LDCP graduates are also able to participate in additional networking opportunities on leadership issues.

To earn the LDCP certificate, participants must complete the following requirements.


Current membership in TESOL International Association

Professional experience in the field of TESOL, a basic familiarity with the association, and the willingness and commitment to take part in a 40-hour self-paced online course

Reliable Internet connection and e-mail

Requirements for earning the LDCP certificate

The LDCP is organized on a pass (satisfactory)/no pass (unsatisfactory) basis. To pass, participants must complete all of reading and writing assignments and submit evaluation for the program.

Time Commitment

The course requires approximately 10 hours of participation/learning time per week. That time may vary depending on the participant’s familiarity with leadership issues.

The course is organized in the self-paced format. You can access the course site, and do any required tasks at a time convenient for you.

Any TESOL member interested in developing knowledge and skills in association leadership.

Participants will:


  • Learn about current developments in TESOL International Association and the profession
  • Get an overview of key leadership concepts and effective practices in the context of an international association
  • Discuss leadership issues with peers worldwide
  • Learn from a variety of experienced TESOL leaders
  • Reflect on their own leadership skills, style, and perspectives


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