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Engaging Online Language Learners: A Practical Guide

Engaging Online Language Learners CoverWhile engaging and motivating students in the classroom has always been critical for student success, it is even more important and challenging in the online learning environment. Engaging Online Language Learners: A Practical Guide will provide English language educators with a number of strategies and ready-to-use activities to help them engage and motivate their students for improved learner outcomes. It also covers trends in online learning, engagement and motivation principles and competencies, as well as ways administrators can support teachers' professional development.

Online Resources

In addition to teaching strategies and activities, this practical guide refers you to more than 100 resources for collaboration, gamification, assessment, and more to help you motivate and empower your online students. Below is a complete list of those resources, where you can also find which chapter in the book discusses each tool; filter any column by clicking on the drop-down menu in the column header, unclicking "Select All," and then clicking on which term you'd like to see.