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Supporting English Learners with Exceptional Needs

Supporting English Learners with Exceptional Needs
Chapter 1 - What Do English Learners Bring to Our Schools? Cognitive, Linguistic, and Cultural Assets

Rivka’s Story
Rihanna’s Story
Alphonse’s Story 

Chapter 2 - Challenges and Opportunities for English Learners in Our Schools
Current Law
Team Discussion Tool
Chapter 3 - A Policy Primer
No additional materials
Chapter 4 - Ecological Approaches and Multitiered Systems of Support: Holistic Approaches to Serving English Learners
Edwin’s Story
Data Recording Form
Chapter 5 - Collaborative Problem Solving for English Learners: The Unique Role of the ESOL Teacher
Integrating UDL for Josefina
Recommended Data
Decision-Making for Misha
Chapter 6 - Universal Supports for English Learners at Risk