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A Cup of Coffee with TESOL Experts: Giving Feedback Online

by Elizabeth Adler, Carla Pastrana, Diego Boada |

How can we provide effective feedback in online learning environments?

Resource Type: Teaching Tips

Audience: Teacher Training

Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate

Materials And Technology:

In this episode, Elizabeth and Carla chatted with Diego about how to provide feedback when we teach online. Timely feedback is necessary to support online students and help them improve their language skills. We don't want students to feel like they're alone in their learning process. However, giving feedback can be challenging and time consuming. Our guests shared ideas and strategies to provide feedback that is constructive, specific, and clear.

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"A Cup of Coffee with TESOL Experts" is a project led by instructors and participants in the TESOL Certificate: Developing an Online Teaching Program.

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