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Guess the Story Behind the Photo

by Funda Nediceyuva |

This speaking activity aims to help students use their imagination to guess the story behind a photo. 

Resource Type: Activities

Audience: Adult, University

Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate

Duration: 35-40 minutes

Materials And Technology:
  • Computer
  • Projector

  • To activate background knowledge about the image shown
  • To improve fluency
  • To practice expressions related to expressing opinions


At the end of this activity, students will be able to use expressions related to expressing opinion such as

  • I think (that…
  • It seems to me (that)… 
  • From my point of view…

Activity Description:

  • Before the lesson, pick a photo or image that you have the background information about
  • When you are in class, project the image that you have chosen and elicit answers from your students on
    • What they see in the image/photo
    • What is happening in the picture/image  (5 mins)
  • Put your students into groups of four and ask them to discuss the story behind the photo/image 
    • During the activity, the students are expected to use language for expression opinions. Walk around the class and monitor your students for their use of expressions like I think (that)…, It seems to me (that)…, From my point of view…(10 mins)
  • Ask one representative from each group to tell their guesses (15 mins)
  • Reveal the real story behind the image/photo and check your students' reactions (5 mins)

**Alternatively, you can have the class vote for the best guess to extend the activity. (5 mins)

TESOL Interest Section: Speech, Pronunciation and Listening, English as a Foreign Language

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