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Online Vocabulary and Speaking Practice

by Begum Ece Yildiz |

This activity is designed as a follow-up to the lesson plan on Teaching Academic Vocabulary and Reading Online Using Online Tools. Taking part in this activity, the students will have the chance to activate their recently learned vocabulary together with improving their speaking skills in a competitive but a friendly environment. After preparing presentations that were previously assigned to them about their ideal cities, in this activity, the students are asked to imagine themselves as representatives of their companies who are participating in an online symposium on the "cities of the future." They are required to further explain and justify how the cities of the future should be designed focusing on the target words given to them instantly. Depending on their creativity and correct use of the target words, their performance will be evaluated by a jury composed of their classmates.

Audience: University

Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate

Duration: 35-40 minutes

Materials And Technology:

A device with the Zoom app installed and the visuals that the students have prepared prior to the activity.


The right use of the target words/collocations listed in the attachment in a real life-like situation, creativity, and practicing speaking skills.


The students will be able to incorporate the newly-learned target words into their active vocabulary and improve their speaking skills.

Supporting Files:
Online Vocabulary And Speaking Practice.pdf

TESOL Interest Section: Adult Education, English as a Foreign Language, Higher Education, Teacher Education

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