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Practising Gerunds and Infinitives

by Kivilcim Somuncuoglu |

This dynamic assessment resource aims to provide an exit for the introduction of gerund and infinitive forms. It can be played as a game with the participation of the whole class. The students are given two options and they are to choose the correct one. 

Resource Type: Activities

Audience: Elementary, Secondary, Adult

Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner

Duration: 20 minutes

Materials And Technology:
  • A computer and projector 
  • A PDF reader
  • Photocopied handout (optional)


The objective of the material is to wrap up the introduction to gerund and infinitive forms. In addition to providing the learners with an additional chance at practicing, it also allows the teacher to assess whether the forms in question are mastered or if they need additional work.


At the end of the activity, the students will have revised the gerund and infinitive forms to see what specific language needs extra scaffolding and what forms are mastered.

Activity Description:

  1. Teacher(T) provides the students with a list of verbs that show which ones require gerund and which ones require infinitive.
  2. T provides the students with some time to go over the list. (These two steps depend on the level and mastery of your students. They can be skipped if you, as the teacher, have confidence in the ability of your students.)
  3. T projects the material on the board.
  4. T asks the students to pick the correct answer (Two students can come to the board and slap the correct answer with a flyswatter or with their hands, and the winner gets a small prize - a good mark or a piece of chocolate, depending on available resources.)
  5. T monitors.
  6. The students who fail to get the right answer can stay for a second round.
  7. At the end of the activity, T will have a mental list of items that are mastered and items that need revision.

Supporting Files:
Practising Gerunds And Infinitives 01.pdf
Practising Gerunds And Infinitives 02.pdf

TESOL Interest Section: Elementary Education, English as a Foreign Language

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