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Review of the Present Continuous (Game)

by Ramin Hosseinpour Milaghardan |

This is a game that teachers can use to review the present continuous tense and have fun with their learners.

Resource Type: Activities

Audience: Teacher Training, Elementary

Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner

Duration: 15 Minutes


This game gives a chance to language teachers to practice the present continuous tense in class. Learners in class get bored easily, so this game gives them a chance to move around the class, communicate, compete, learn, and have fun.


Your learners will have fun, learn the grammar and the whole class' mood will change.

Activity Description:

Write these sentences on a small piece of paper:

‎Remind the learners that we use the present continuous to describe what people are doing at this moment.‎

1. I am making a cake.          

2. I am watching TV.             

3. I am sleeping.

4. I am walking.          

5. I am sneezing.         

6. I am taking a shower.

7. I am brushing my teeth           

8. I am reading a book.           

9. I am singing a song.

Divide the class into A and B. Tell the learners to sit in groups. Invite a student from group A to come to the front of the classroom. Show her one of the sentences which is written on a piece of paper and tell her to mime the activity to the class. Tell the rest of the class has to guess what activity the learner is miming. Tell them to write the sentence in the groups’ paper. Repeat the process with other learners. Swap the papers between the two groups and ask them to find the wrong and right answers. The team with better sentences is the winning team.

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