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Two Reading Lesson Plans with Writing in Focus

by Cengiz Turan |

These two lesson plans are a part of the reading and writing course that I teach at our school of foreign languages. They equip students with the structures and skills that they need in order to start writing about the topic of the week.

Resource Type: Lesson Plan

Audience: Adult, University

Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner, Intermediate

Duration: 120 minutes


With these lessons, students will practice identifying problems and solutions, making inferences, learning words to describe change, skimming and scanning and writing compound sentences; linking clauses. At the end of the unit, students will be equipped with sufficient background knowledge to write a paragraph about “How is traffic changing our cities?”

Teaching Tip:

1) I applied these lesson plans in my online class last year. For an online class, one needs to work harder to maintain all students' attention, so keep them busy with tasks.

2) A warm and friendly classroom atmosphere is the prerequisite to workshop learning on the students side. So it must be made sure that the teacher does not ignore this.

Language Skill: Reading, Vocabulary, Writing
Content Area: English for academic purposes
Procedure: Please see the attachment.

Supporting Files:
Two Reading Lesson Plans With Writing In Focus.pdf

TESOL Interest Section: Adult Education, Applied Linguistics, English as a Foreign Language

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