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Serve as a New Member Welcome Program Membership Coach

Are you passionate about TESOL International Association and interested in helping new members navigate TESOL and find their professional home within TESOL? We are seeking individuals with the time and talent needed to work with 3-4 new TESOL members for a period of 3 months. Membership Coaches will be randomly assigned new members to work with virtually. Coaches are provided a handbook and supported by the TESOL Membership Professional Council (MPC). 

Expertise and Experience Needed

To apply, you must have been an active TESOL member for a minimum of three years. Membership Coaches reflect the widest possible range of professional expertise and experience, including diverse linguistic, geographical, cultural, racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, generational, and other types of representation. 

We are seeking individuals with the following attributes, experience, knowledge, and/or skills:     
  • General knowledge of TESOL and its activities
  • Knowledge of the needs and interests of TESOL professionals
  • Capacity to work with others, often in different time zones and locations around the globe


Membership Coaches are expected to dedicate approximately 2-5 hours per month to coaching new members. 
Membership Coaches are expected to:   
  • be familiar with the New Member Program Membership Coaches Handbook and with TESOL in general;
  • welcome and engage with new members via email, chat, and/or phone;
  • learn about their assigned new members professional needs and reasons for joining TESOL;
  • suggest TESOL Communities of Practice to join and TESOL professional development opportunities matching the new members needs and interests to participate in; 
  • provide input/feedback to the MPC on their experience as a new member coach. 

Program Dates

The current coaching cycle will run Oct-Dec 2021. 

How to Apply

Applications are due 8 September. 
Apply Now