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Serve as a New Member Welcome Program Membership Guide

Are you passionate about TESOL International Association (TESOL) and interested in helping new members find their professional home within TESOL? TESOL's New Member Welcome Program is accepting applications for Membership Guides. Aspiring Guides from around the world are invited to apply.  

Guides will receive a toolkit that covers the guide-new member relationship as well as the specific responsibilities of guides in the New Member Welcome Program. The toolkit also contains links to association resources and models of coach-new member communication. 

Guides will be recognized for their service annually with a letter of appreciation. Guides and new members may also be highlighted on social media and recognized at the Convention. 


We desire Membership Guides that reflect the widest possible range of professional expertise and experience, including diverse linguistic, geographical, cultural, racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, generational, and other types of representation. 

Criteria for becoming a Membership Guide include:       
  • A member of TESOL International Association for at least 3 years.
  • Attendance at a minimum of one TESOL Convention, virtually or in-person.
  • Involvement in an Interest Section, Professional Learning Network, Professional Council, Task Force, Committee, or other activities within the Association.
  • Broad knowledge of TESOL and its activities.
  • Capacity to work with others, often in different time zones and locations around the globe


We are currently seeking guides to serve for July - December 2022. Guides are assigned up to three new members in every 3-month cycle:
  • July - September
  • October - December
Guides will be assigned three new members to work with for 3-months. At the conclusion of a 3-month cycle, Guides will be assigned three new TESOL members to work with for 3-months. Guides are asked to commit for one year or four cycles. At the conclusion of the year, Guides will have the option to continue as a Membership Guide for a one year commitment. Membership Guides  are expected to dedicate approximately 2-5 hours per month to working with their assigned new members. 

TESOL queries new members asking if they would like to be assigned a Membership Guide. TESOL then assigns new members to a Membership Guide and notifies both the new member and the Membership Guide of their assignment.


Expectations and Responsibilities of a Membership Guides:   
  • Guides should be familiar with the New Member Program Membership Guides Handbook and with TESOL in general.
  • A guide is responsible for contacting their assigned new members 3-4 times during the 3-month cycle. Communication can occur more frequently if it is the desire of the guide and the new member. Communication can take place via email, messaging apps, telephone, video conferencing, or other means convenient to both parties. 
  • The guide should learn the new members' teaching context and their professional interests. In this way, the guide can inform the new members about Interest Sections and Professional Learning Networks that align with their needs. The guide can also let the new members know about upcoming events (such as webinars) and opportunities to volunteer with the Association.
  • Guides will be asked to respond to requests for feedback on their new membership guide experience. 

How to Apply

Applications are due 20 June.

Apply Now