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TESOL Technology Improvement Plan

Creating a Better TESOL

3 September 2021

We heard you and are taking steps to improve!
 During the course of 2020 and 2021, the TESOL Board of Directors recognized TESOL's technology was preventing TESOL from meeting the needs of our members, volunteer leaders, and the professional. Following input from leaders, members, and staff, the Board committed to addressing these deficiencies. Beginning in August 2021, TESOL is undertaking a comprehensive 3-year technology improvement plan. This plan will cover the tools and software that power our website, community, record-keeping, data collection, reporting, and more. In addition, it will help build the systems and skills to be the TESOL of the future. The following principles will guide this project: 

  • Improve the member experience and remove barriers to participation.
  • Align technology to our strategic goals and values.
  • Envision our future state. 

As work progresses we will seek input from our members and volunteer leaders. Watch this page for updates and your email for opportunities to participate. 

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