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TESOL Modular Education: Focused, Practical, Flexible

TESOL Modular Education (ME) offers you multiple, online, self-study modules on key elements of English language teaching. Designed to meet the needs and schedules of busy educators, each highly practical six-hour module offers evidence-based strategies alongside real-life implementation. Upon completion of a TESOL ME module, you will have a summary of your new knowledge, a practical step-by-step plan for putting your new skills into practice, and a digital badge to showcase your learning for your online professional portfolio or résumé.

Start a TESOL ME module today to:

  • Deepen your understanding of specific teaching practices relevant to your English language learners and teaching context.

  • Explore topics and techniques that are new to you or refresh and expand your existing knowledge.

  • Meet the evolving needs of your English language learners in these contexts: elementary-secondary, higher education and professions, and adult education and workforce development.


For a limited time, explore new modules with introductory pricing.
Extended through 31 January 2022.

TESOL Members - $59/module
Nonmembers - $79/module

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You need to know that the evidence-based practices you use are effective and indispensable to your student’s outcomes. High-leverage practices (HLTPs) bring together education research and instructional practice to offer teachers and students trusted, effective, pedagogically sound strategies. Through HLTPs, you can promote measurable growth in learner outcomes while strengthening your own teaching practice.

All good teaching starts with meaningful lesson objectives. Our first TESOL ME Series, Developing Meaningful Lesson Objectives, will help you craft clear and meaningful objectives as the cornerstone to powerful and effective lesson plans. Tailored to the unique needs of K-12 teachers, professors, or educators in adult and workforce development, choose the context that is most relevant to you and the learners you support.

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Digital Badging

Receive a digital badge for each module you complete. As modules on additional topics become available, you will be able to complete a series of five to receive a certificate of completion in High-Leverage Teaching Practices along with a Series Completed badge.

TESOL ME Digital Badges

More to Come

This is just the beginning. In the new year, we'll be adding additional online, self-study modules surrounding key elements of English language teaching in today's classrooms. Tailored to you and your learners, stay tuned for more TESOL ME offerings including topics such as The 6 Principles® and rubric-based assessment.