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6 Principles

Become a Better Educator With The 6 Principles 

What are The 6 Principles?

TESOL International Association has defined a core set of principles for the exemplary teaching of English learners. The 6 Principles are universal guidelines drawn from decades of research in language pedagogy and language acquisition theory. They are targets for teaching excellence and should undergird any program of English language instruction. TESOL Press has published a series of The 6 Principles books and Quick Guides that can serve as a companion to our TESOL ME modules. Learn more about The 6 Principles.

The 6 Principles help educators:

  • Respect, affirm, and promote students’ home languages and cultural knowledge and experiences as resources.
  • Celebrate multilingualism and diversity.
  • Support policies that promote individual language rights and multicultural education.
  • Guide students to be global citizens.

Who are The 6 Principles TESOL ME modules for?

The 6 Principles Modules are for all educators who interact with English language learners. They are applicable across different educational contexts, such as classrooms with children or adults, dual language learners, emerging bilinguals, and multilingual students.

TESOL Me 6Ps module infographic

Introductory Pricing (for most modules)

TESOL Members - $59/module
Nonmembers - $79/module

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FREE Preview Module!

If you're curious about TESOL ME and want to see how the modules work, we have a FREE preview module you can take for The 6 Principles Series.

Digital Badging

Receive a digital badge for each module you complete. Upon completion of the series, receive a certificate of completion in The 6 Principles along with a Series Completed badge.

TESOL ME 6Ps Digital Badges

More to Come

This is just the beginning. Soon we'll be adding additional online self-study modules on key elements of English language teaching in today's classrooms. Stay tuned for more TESOL ME offerings!