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Principle 1

The 6 Principles Series: Principle 1

This module will deepen your understanding of Principle 1 and strengthen your ability to apply its related practices.

Principle 1. Know your learners.

Teachers learn basic information about their students' families, languages, cultures, and educational backgrounds to engage them in the classroom and prepare and deliver lessons more effectively.

  • Practice 1a. Teachers gain information about their learners.

  • Practice 1b. Teachers embrace and leverage the resources that learners bring to the classroom to enhance learning.

After completing the Principle 1 module, you will be able to:

  • Explain the rationale for obtaining information about your learners.
  • List different types of information that can influence learners' experience in your classroom and inform your teaching.
  • Describe different ways of obtaining information about learners' backgrounds, resources, and existing knowledge and identify those that will be most effective in your teaching context(s).
  • Explain what is meant by "embracing" and "leveraging" learners' resources and define specific ways of doing so with your learners.

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