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TESOL ME Adult Education
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Series 1

High-Leverage Teaching Practices (HLTPs) for English Language Teachers in Adult Education and Workforce Development

High-leverage teaching practices bring together the research and practice to offer teachers and students trusted, effective, pedagogically sound strategies. Strong instruction is rooted in an understanding that learning is not a one-way experience, and that teachers and students learn best when they learn together. TESOL modules elevate high-leverage practices that respect and recognize the critical dynamic of reciprocal learning.

Module 1: Developing Meaningful Lesson Objective

You know how to create lesson objectives, but are they meaningful?  Instruction that starts with knowing the learner and what is meaningful to them increases engagement, depth of understanding, and the ability to utilize the learning in their own lives. 

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this self-study module, you will be able to:

  • Define the term “meaningful lesson objective” and identify the four elements of a meaningful lesson objective.

  • Explain why meaningful lesson objectives are important for learners in adult education (ABE/ESL) and workforce development contexts and how they are related to their needs and goals.

  • Explain why meaningful lesson objectives are important for teachers and how they are related to what a teacher does in the classroom.

  • Recognize a lesson plan that is built on a meaningful objective and describe how the lesson activities guide learners to achievement of that objective.

  • Create meaningful lesson objectives related to your own learners and teaching context.

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