Publications to Help You Get Started

TESOL publishes nearly 100 titles for English language teachers. Here are several to help get you started on a career in teaching English.
  • More Than a Native Speaker: An Introduction to Teaching English Abroad, 3e, Don Snow and Maxi-Ann Campbell
    Learn step-by-step how to effectively teach English abroad. Gain valuable tips and resources for teaching in an unfamiliar educational system, working with students of varying ages and skill levels, and adapting to life in a different culture. A rich array of online resources and activities included.

  • From Language Learner to Language Teacher, Don Snow, Editor
    This volume focuses on the challenges faced by nonnative-speaking English teachers as they make the transition to teaching. Four themes receive special emphasis: communicative language teaching, proficiency, language learning, and practicality.

  • Beyond Repeat After Me: Teaching Pronunciation to English Learners, Marla Tritch Yoshida
    This engaging text clearly presents essential concepts that teachers need to guide their students toward clearly intelligible pronunciation and more effective communication skills. Based on a sound theoretical background, the book presents practical, imaginative ways to teach and practice pronunciation that go beyond simple "Repeat after me."

  • Content-Based Instruction, Margo DelliCarpini and Orlando B. Alonso
    This book is a comprehensive overview of how to teach Content-Based Instruction in an easy-to-follow guide that language teachers will find very practical for their own contexts.

  • Pronunciation in the Classroom: The Overlooked Essential, Tamara Jones
    This indispensable handbook shows you how to incorporate pronunciation seamlessly into your lesson plans and explains the essential elements you need to know to help your students better communicate in all subjects.

  • Teaching English to Young Learners, Helen Emery and Sarah Rich
    Teaching English to Young Learners provides specific tasks, strategies, and activities to show you how to establish the kind of reflective teaching that helps your students develop fluency and accuracy in the English language..

  • PACE Yourself: A Handbook for ESL Tutors, Teresa Dalle 
    This easy-to-follow guide for inexperienced and volunteer tutors of nonnative speakers of English includes reproducible forms, resources, terminology, and professional organizations to enable successful tutoring.

  • Standards for Short-Term TEFL/TESL Certificate Programs with Program Assessment, TESOL Press
    Standards for Short-Term TEFL/TESL Certificate Program with Assessment, available in printable PDF, presents organization and program management, curriculum development, instructor recruitment, and candidate curriculum standards for TEFL/TESL short-term certificate and a user-friendly self-assessment tool. This assessment tool guides program administrators toward improvements of their programs through various activities and group discussions.

  • PreK–12 English Language Proficiency Standards, TESOL Press
    These standards provide an invaluable resource for all English language educators and a model for states and districts. They represent a starting point for developing effective and equitable education for ESOL students.

  • Preparing Effective Teachers of English Language Learners, Diane Staehr Fenner;
    This book provides guidelines, examples, and strategies in applying the TESOL P-12 Professional Teaching Standards and serves as a resource to programs and teacher educators.

  • Standards for ESL/EFL Teachers of Adults, TESOL Press
    Standards for ESL/EFL Teachers of Adult Learners offers performance indicators, vignettes, and evaluation tools to help instructors identify the qualities and practices to pursue in their teaching of adults.