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Teacher Leadership for School-Wide English Learning (SWEL)

Supporting English Learners with Exceptional Needs
Chapter 2. Teacher Professionalism, Distributed Leadership, and Peer Coaching

Appendix A: SWEL Support Tool

Chapter 3. The SWEL Model of Academic Language Instruction
Appendix B: Building Leveled Academic Language Objectives
Appendix C: Word-Level Academic Content Form
Appendix D: Sentence-Level Academic Content Form
Appendix E: Discourse-Level Academic Content Form
Academic Language Demands Inventory

Academic Language Video Lecture

Figure 1. SWEL Teaching and Learning Cycle
SWEL Teaching and Learning Cycle

Part B. Application of Teacher Professional Development of Dispositions, Knowledge, and Skills: Professional Development Plans

Chapter 4. Teacher Dispositions Needed to Effectively and Respectfully Serve English Learners
Educators Empathize With Circumstances Related to Immigration
Article: Ten Myths About Immigration 
Immigration Myths Cards 
Trauma Simulation Guide

Educators Are Culturally Sensitive and Sustaining
Video: Confessions: New Teacher of Newcomers: Michelle Benegas at TEDxUMN

Handout:I didn't know - Think Pair Share

Video: Making Sure Each Child Is Known

Educators Believe That Marginalization and Oppression Affect the Educational Experiences of English Learners
Handout: Critical Incidents in Immigrant Education
Critical Incidents in Immigrant Education Activity Teacher Trainer Guide
Educators Support Their Students’ Home Language Development
Article: Getting to Know Your ELLs: Six Steps for Success
Video: I CAN'T SPEAK MY MOTHER TONGUE (Music Video) - Fung Bros ft. Dough-Boy

Video: What to Do First in the ELL Classroom

Handout: Getting to Know the ELs in Your Classroom

Video: Importance of Students’ Home Languages

Handout: Crafting School Language Policies
Article: Classrooms Need to Reflect the Different Home Languages of Students

Educators Recognize the Challenges of Learning English and Content Simultaneously
Printout: Vowel Sort Cards
Vowel Sort Answer Key
Image: My Morning Routine
Woman with Hair Dryer
Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Educators Are Committed to Ongoing Professional Development
Handout: Uncovering Education Myths
Know Better Do Better Cards
Chapter 5. Teacher Knowledge Needed to Effectively and Respectfully Serve English Learners
Educators Know About Second Language Acquisition and Approaches to Teaching Language Through Content
Video: Stages of Second Language Acquisition: ESL, ELL, LEP & Bilingual

Handout: ELD Matrix of Grammatical Forms
Handout: Chapter 5_Five Stages of SLA Activity Sheet
Handout: Vitamin D Passage
Handout: Content Area Language Challenge
Educators Know About Approaches to Supporting First Language Literacy
Guide: Translanguaging: A CUNY-NYSIEB Guide for Educators
Video: Andy Brown Translanguaging A multilingual Learning

Video: Session 5: Classroom Examples

Article: Why Bilinguals Are Smarter
Article: MIT Scientists Prove Adults Learn Language to Fluency Nearly as Well as Children
Infographic: 10 Amazing Benefits of Being Bilingual
Article: Bilingualism: What Happens in the Brain?

Educators Know About the Theories of Cultural Relevance and Sustainability
Video: Funds of Knowledge

Handout:Funds of Knowledge Activity Sheet
Handout: Funds of Knowledge Plan
Handout: Windows and Mirrors Activity Sheet
Article: Curriculum as Window and Mirror
Educators Know Who Immigrants Are and How Immigration Happens
Video: Hand Model of the Brain

Video: Animated Map Shows History Of Immigration To The US

Educators Know Systems of Oppression and How They Affect the Educational Experiences of Els
Handout: What I Should Have Said
Video: Standing Up: What Is Calling in vs. Calling Out?

Video: Students Learn a Powerful Lesson About Privilege

Video: What Is Privilege?

Video: Why Does Privilege Make People So Angry? | Decoded | MTV News

Handout: Understanding Privilege Reflection

Educators Know Approaches to English Learner Advocacy and the Legal Requirements for Adequately Serving English Learners
Article:ABC's of Family Engagement: Key Considerations for Building Relationships With Families and Strengthening Family Engagement Practices
Article: An Evening With ESL Parents: A Framework for an Orientation Program
Handout: Influential Court Cases Summaries
Chapter 6. Teacher Skills Needed to Effectively and Respectfully Serve English Learners
Educators Can Plan for Academic Language Instruction
Profession Cards
Image: Mulberry Street, New York City
Image from Wikipedia.
APPENDIX B:Building Leveled Academic Language Objectives tool

Educators Can Teach and Assess Academic Language
Handout: Venn Diagram Listening Activity

Video: Said Salah Ahmed: The Lion’s Share in Somali

Handout: Plargs Quiz
Plargs Vocabulary Cards
Plargs Quiz Answer Key

Educators Can Differentiate for English Learners
Handout: Modality Audit
WIDA Can-Do Descriptors
Video: WIDA Can-Do Philosophy
WIDA Can-Do Name Charts

Educators Can Support First Language Literacy
Guide: Translanguaging: A CUNY-NYSIEB Guide for Educators
Handout: Dispelling the Myth of “English Only”: Understanding the importance of the First Language in Second Language Learning

Educators Can Support First Language Literacy
Handout: Chapter 6_Issues that Impact ELs

Educators Can Enact Culturally Relevant Practices
Handout: English Learner Profile Template
Handout: Sample English Learner Profile 

Part C. Application of Peer Coaching Using a Directed, Cyclical Approach

Chapter 7. Setting Up Teachers for Success
Academic Language Teacher Observation
SWEL Lesson Plan Inventory

Part D. Putting SWEL to Work in Your School: Setting the Stage With Intentional Planning

Chapter 8. Drafting an Annual SWEL Action Plan
SWEL Action Plan