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Lesson Plan on Writing a Topic Sentence

by Hilal İlhan |

This lesson will help students learn how to write a suitable topic sentence for a paragraph.

Resource Type: Lesson Plan

Audience: University

Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate

Duration: 90 minutes

Materials And Technology:

Milestones of Writing


Development of writing skill by writing a suitable topic sentence for a paragraph.    


Students will be able to;

- identify the characteristics of a topic sentence,

- distinguish the topic and the controlling idea in a topic sentence,

- produce a topic sentence with a controlling idea for a given paragraph

Language Skill: Writing
Content Area: English as a Foreign Language
Procedure: The procedure of the lesson is available in the attached lesson plan.
Assessment: The teacher allows students to share their thoughts about the whole class and encourages them to talk about their performance in the lesson.
Differentiation: Individual and collaborative work are used to address the needs of the students. Additionally, the lesson is enriched with the feedback from the teacher and the peers. 


ıyıklı-Koç, B., Alparda, Ç., Kulaç, D., Biçer, D., Baki-Zengin, E., Saka, E., Yuca, E., Çelik, F., Çaçaron, İ., Dereli, M., Karadeniz, M., Zengin-Çetin, M., Okumuş, N., Barutçu, O., Gümüş, S. Sayım, S., Sezer, S., Akman, Y. & Bozkurt, Z. (2008).  Milestones of writing (1st ed.). New Life Elt.

Supporting Files:
Lesson Plan On Writing A Topic Sentence.pdf

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