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2023 TESOL Annual Report


TESOL International Association is pleased to share this annual report with you highlighting our activities and accomplishments during the period of 1 November 2022-31 October 2023. 

Thanks to Our Volunteers!

Council Members   |   Board of Directors   |   Communities of Practice

Ad Hoc Groups in 2023

Discrimination in Education Writing Group

Tina Afroza
DJ Kaiser
Jeff Hutcheson (staff partner)
Anastasia Khawaja
Jennifer Killam
Tomeka Robinson
Ricardo Valle

COP Governance Working Group

Susan Gaer
DJ Kaiser
Joyce Kling (board liaison)
Katherine Lobo
Juliet Mason (staff partner)
Suzanne Panferov Reese (co-chair)
Kashif Raza (co-chair)
Dudley Reynolds

Language Working Group

Tomiko Breland (staff partner)
Stacy Bown
Khanh-Duc Kuttig
Fares Karam
Luis Javier Pentón Herrera
Sarah Sahr (staff partner)

DEIA Working Group

Tomiko Breland (staff partner)
Kisha Bryan
Elisabeth Chan (chair)
Raichle Farrelly
Tamara Jones
Sarah Sahr (staff partner)

Research Professional Council Research Strategies Working Group 

Christine Coombe 
Jessie Curtis (chair)
Raichle Farrelly (board liaison)
Huili Hong
Christina Kitson
Sarah Sahr (staff partner)
Amaira Salama 
Ӧzgehan Uştuk 

Election Task Force 

Angela Bell (chair)  
Barbara Lapornik
Ching Ching Lin 
Amber Crowell Kelleher (staff partner) 
Graciela Martin (board liaison) 
Ari Sherris 
Amber Warren 

Member Demographics

European Diaspora  43%
Hispanic/Latina(o)            13%
South Asian 6%
East Asian 6%
Southeast Asian  6%
African Diaspora  5%
Arab 4%
Central Asian 4%
Other 4%
Middle Eastern 3%
Mestiza(o)           2%
Sub-Saharan African 2%
Asia Pacific  1%
Caribbean 1%
Central American Indigenous       1%
North American Indigenous 1%
Other indigenous ethnic minority              <1%
South American Indigenous         <1%

Disadvantaged 6%
Cognitive, Emotional, or Physical Disability 6%
Female 72%
Male 28%
Nonbinary <1%

Professor, Instructor or Teacher  41%
Teacher Educator or Teacher Trainer 19%
Administrator, Chair, or School Lead 14%

White 56%
Asian 22%
Mixed/Multiple 7%
Black/African-American 6%
Other 4%
Hispanic/Latina(o) 3%
Asian or Pacific Islander 1%
Middle Eastern/North African 1%
Indigenous/First Nation <1%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander <1%

<15 years 38%
16-25 years 31%
26-35 years 20%
36+ years 11%

Postsecondary Degree Granting Institution 42%
Government (employed)-Based 25%
Pre-Primary through Secondary 18%
Community/Social Programs 13%
Self-Employed 12%
Business/Corporate Training 8%
Non-Degree Granting School or Program 16%
None of These 10%



TESOL continued working to improve its technology and make progress on our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access. In addition, the board appointed groups to review our communities of practice, the language we use, our DEIA efforts, and our election process.



In 2023, TESOL ran or signed on to 37 statements, letters, or campaigns. 2,794 active advocates sent more than 100 messages to the U.S. Congress and conducted more than 60 visits to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

White Paper on Discrimination in Education

In November, TESOL released our White Paper on Discrimination in Education to address discriminatory practices impacting education, especially English language teaching professionals and the multilingual learners of English they serve.

Global Advocacy Portal

In our efforts to expand our advocacy efforts beyond the U.S., we launched the Global Advocacy Portal. The portal shares fact sheets and other resources to provide an overview of the issues faced by MLEs worldwide.


Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

We continued to reaffirm our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. In 2023, we offered unconscious bias training to volunteers and staff as part of our ongoing effort to become a more welcoming organization for all.



TESOL workshops, courses, and certificate programs allow educators and administrators to grow their professional knowledge and skills wherever they are in their career.

In 2023, 10,077 participants earned 394 certificates or badges. We also added three new workshops to our professional education lineup.


New Courses

Developing social-emotional learning (SEL) knowledge and skills is especially critical for multilingual learners of English to help them adjust to a new culture and learn a new language. At the same time, many English language educators do not receive training on how to incorporate SEL into their classrooms. In this 7.5 hour interactive and participant-centered workshop, virtual participants will leave equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to practice self-care and be confident implementing SEL into learning spaces to support and benefit learners.

Learm more

The 6 Principles Workshop is a cutting-edge professional development opportunity designed for all English language educators passionate about delivering impactful language instruction. Participants will learn how to implement the 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners® into their programs and classrooms to improve student outcomes and transform their teaching.

Learn more

ChatGPT and generative AI have erupted like an avalanche, and teachers are cautiously navigating what this new terrain looks like. As the previous landscape is not returning, this workshop is focused on ways teachers can help students understand what this technology means, and how to integrate it directly into classes rather than hide from it. In this workshop, participants will discuss what Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models are and how to approach them. The session will focus on several specific classroom applications for AI, including ways to integrate it into lessons with students, as well as using it to support you in your professional work.

Learn more

Portland, OR, USA

TESOL 2023 International Association Convention & Expo


Total Attendees


First-Time Attendees


Countries Represented


Strongly agree or agree that attending was a worthwhile experience


Strongly agree or agree that content was intellectually stimulating


TESOL 2023 International Association Virtual Convention & Expo


Total Attendees


Virtual Platform Page Views


Session Views


Countries Represented


Would recommend attending to a colleague


Found the live Q&A sessions interesting and engaging


Found the on-demand sessions interesting and engaging

[The] TESOL team was very supportive, diligent, and strived for us all to excel. This was a life changer for all of us and for our students who will benefit from what we learned and the impact it had on our teaching.

— Course Participant

Grants & Projects




Offered Course Sections


TCCP Certificates


ELT Professionals Reached Directly


Educators Reached Through Cascading Programs


Countries Reached



We continued our mission of connecting the worldwide English language education community and bringing together educators from pre-k teaching contexts through post-secondary.

New Website

Enhancing TESOL's online presence and ecommerce.

View our full technology initiative


Connecting the global community.

View our full technology initiative

2 New Affiliates

TESOL Arabia (United Arab Emirates)


New Members*
*not from contracts


First-Time Convention Attendees


Affiliate Network Organizations



TESOL released updated 2023-2027 research directions with supporting resources published. These research directions represented over 2700 data points from 639 members from 16 countries.



TESOL Press released 4 new titles. TESOL Journal and TESOL Quarterly published 3 special issues and 1 joint special issue. TESOL Journal received its first impact factor.

2023 Stats
  TESOL Quarterly TESOL Journal
Impact factor for 2022 (2 year) 3.2 1.4
Impact factor for 2022 (5 year) 4.2 N/A
Submissions 561 369
Full Text Views 396,409 148,660
TESOL Connections

TESOL Connections (TC) is a monthly members-only newsletter published since October 2011. This year, we gave TC a visual facelift and began curating an online hub to host articles and resources.




TESOL International Association partnered with the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL), Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE), National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE), and National Association of English Learner Program Administrators (NAELPA) for TESOL ELevate. ELevate is a 2-day worldwide virtual event that strengthens the field and elevates the knowledge and expertise of ELT professionals.

TESOL Guide to Using Microsoft Learning Accelerators with Multilingual Learners of English

TESOL partnered with Microsoft to create awareness of their learning tools, Learning Accelerators, included in Microsoft 365 for Education. At no cost to educators, the Learning Accelerators help teachers in their professional practices and strengthen student independence in their English language development.

Thank You

Thank you to the more than 300 individuals who volunteered with TESOL in some way during the year!


While we continue to rebuild from the Pandemic and the global economic downturn, TESOL did end the year with a positive change in net assets before investments. This was our second in-person convention and it was again smaller than a TESOL pre-pandemic convention. On a positive note, TESOL’s grants and partnerships continue to increase and our overall revenue sources continue to diversify. 

Source Revenue Percentage of Total
Membership $614,685  13%
Education $846,051  17%
Events $1,999,180  41%
Publications $753,436  15%
Grants, Partnerships, & Projects $640,553  13%
Other $43,933  1%
Total $4,879,669  100%
Total Change in Net Assets
Revenue $4,940,180 
Expenses $4,781,209 
Total Change in Net Assets +$158,971 
Auditors Letter and Report

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Thank you for reading the 2024 TESOL International Association annual report. If you have questions or wish to discuss this report, please contact a member of our leadership team

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