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Primary/Elementary Ed

4 Critical Strategies for Teaching Multilingual Learners

Recently, #MLLCHAT on Twitter had a dynamic discussion based on a new book by authors Andrea Honigsfeld, Maria Dove, Audrey Cohen, and Carrie McDermott Goldman entitled From Equity Insights to Action: Critical Strategies for Teaching Multilingual Learners.

Author: Judie Haynes

5 Ways Phonics Is Different for English Learners

Chalkbeat Philadelphia recently published a great article about the difficulties young English learners (ELs) in the Philadelphia School District were facing during the pandemic.

Author: Barbara Gottschalk

6 Scaffolds to Support ELs in a Virtual Classroom

According to my sources on #ELLCHAT, a Twitter discussion group for teachers of English learners (ELs), students are sitting in virtual classrooms during the pandemic, struggling to understand content-area information.

Author: Judie Haynes

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