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5 Uses for Microsoft Learning Accelerators With Multilingual Learners of English

by Fatima Aldajani |

As English language teachers, we are constantly seeking practical solutions to help our multilingual learners of English (MLEs). Recently, Microsoft released Learning Accelerators, a new set of tools that can significantly improve your teaching strategies and assist your students in becoming more independent in their English language learning journey. I’ve found that these tools — specifically, Immersive Reader, Reading Progress, and Reading Coach — can help in my teaching in various important ways. In this blog, I'll share five reasons to utilize Microsoft Learning Accelerators with your MLEs.

1. Support Vocabulary Development

Immersive Reader is a powerful tool that supports MLEs in different aspects of language learning. It encourages students to improve vocabulary development by allowing them to adjust text size, font, and background color, making it easier to read and understand English texts. It also offers built-in translation and dictionary features to assist MLEs in building their language skills.

2. Foster Autonomous Learning

Reading Progress fosters independent learning by allowing MLEs to practice their reading skills independently at their own pace. It provides real-time feedback on accuracy rates and words per minute and identifies challenging terms. This data can assist you in identifying areas for development in your students and tailoring their lessons accordingly.

3. Enhance Reading Comprehension for Personalized Instruction

Reading Coach is an excellent tool for enhancing your students' reading comprehension. It motivates your MLEs to read full-length texts and perform comprehension tasks. The tool provides suggestions and questions to assist students in navigating the reading process and building an improved understanding of the text. You can use this tool to offer personalized feedback and guidance, tailoring instruction to individual needs.

4. Leverage Data to Inform Instruction

One of the significant benefits of Microsoft Learning Accelerators is the ability to collect and analyze data to gain insights into student language progress. Use this tool to guide your instruction and make data-driven decisions by exploring average accuracy rates, words per minute, and difficult word clouds to uncover patterns and adjust your teaching approaches to specific needs. By leveraging data, you can make informed instructional decisions that benefit your MLEs and help them thrive.

5. Foster a Love of Reading

Finally, let us remember the importance of fostering a love of reading in our MLEs. Microsoft Learning Accelerators create exciting and dynamic reading experiences for your students. They motivate students to explore different genres, learn new languages, and deeply engage with texts. Assist your MLEs in building a lifetime love of learning and language by making reading fun and accessible through web browser-based online apps or desktop programs like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Word.

By utilizing these strategies and resources, you can create an inclusive and engaging learning experience for your MLEs, helping them gain independence and enhance their literacy abilities. For more information and flexible classroom activities you can use with your students today, take a look at the “TESOL Guide to Using Microsoft Learning Accelerators With Multilingual Learners of English,” from TESOL and Microsoft.

Happy teaching!


About the author

Fatima Aldajani

Dr. Fatima Aldajani has a PhD in curriculum and instruction/teaching English as a second language from the University of Toledo. She has taught English as a second language for the last 10 years at both high school and college levels. She currently teaches at the University of Toledo in Ohio, USA at the American Language Institute.

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